Smart decisions for a better life.

As our parents grow older, we see their lives changing—slowly at first, but sometimes suddenly and dramatically. It’s not unusual for adult children who come home for the holidays to see signs that their aging parents are in declining health. A messy house, unopened mail and unwashed clothes are all signs that a change may be needed.

It’s also not unusual that the first response is one of panic. Calls to state agencies tend to double or triple around the holidays, and admissions to senior living centers accelerate as well.

The time to discuss the future is before a crisis forces you to make decisions under duress, limiting your options and spiking your costs. You want the security of knowing your parent or loved one will receive the best possible professional care, will be treated with compassion and respect and will be able to make the most of life.

Expect your loved one to say, “I’m not ready yet.” Too often, people miss out on the fun of senior living because they wait until they’re facing a medical problem to move. The time to begin the conversation is now.

A truly carefree retirement begins when your loved ones can put their worries aside and enjoy life. If your parent or loved one needs immediate help, we offer assisted living at Ecumen CountrySide-call today for a tour and more information.

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